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COVID-19 Update and Changes

CLINIC UPDATE:  5-10-2020

ReBalance Physical Therapy is open and now offering Telehealth real-time video visits in addition to standard in-clinic visits. New Telehealth visit option allows us to continue to provide needed care and services during this pandemic and beyond, while maintaining quality and excellence.         Contact me to discuss your options!

In-clinic visits are still available if preferred and deemed safe after patient screening. Pre-screening of patient's will be performed prior to scheduling to determine appropriateness of In-clinic vs Telehealth visits on a case by case basis. Rest assured that the clinic will follow CDC and OHA guidelines for sanitizing, cleaning, and wearing PPE (personal protection equipment). Contact Me Now.

Non-urgent cases may be seen through Telehealth real-time video visits when desired and appropriate. Both new and established patients may seek my care through Telehealth for both follow-up visits and new evaluations. Setting up a Telehealth visit is simple, only requiring a computer or smart phone with camera, mic, and internet connection. I will provide written instructions after scheduling an appointment, and will even walk you through the easy set-up if you desire.      Contact Me Now.     

Telehealth (virtual real-time video visits):  A telehealth visit could include assessment of symptoms, instruction in exercises, modification/progression of home program, instruction in self-care and symptom management, and education or reassurance about the nature of your condition.

Reminder: I am still available to consult through email, texting, phone, facebook page, and the website contact form for both established and prospective patients.

For those who would like to provide additional support to the ReBalance Physical Therapy clinic during this financially challenging time, please inquire about our new gift certificate option that may be applied to future visits for either yourself or a loved one at 541-223-6020 or [email protected].

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Wonder what Telehealth Physical Therapy is?

This video helps explain the role and benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy, and may be able to answer some of your questions.

Telehealth vestibular therapy, Telehealth physical therapy, Video physical therapy visit
Telehealth vestibular therapy, Virtual physical therapy, virtual vestibular therapy

Convenience of Smartphone.

Telehealth physical therapy, virtual physical therapy, virtual vestibular rehabilitation

Mobile with your tablet.

Telehealth PT, Telehealth vestibular rehab

Easy with a laptop!

TELEHEALTH (real-time two way video):

safe alternative,

comfort of home,


maintain social distancing.


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